ThermaDoor™ Garage Door Insulation

Your garage door is the largest contributing source of all heat that enters your home daily. Insulating your existing sectional garage door with ThermaDoor™ Garage Door Insulation will help you save on energy costs, make your home more comfortable and will give you more use out of your garage all year round.

Proudly Queensland owned and manufactured, ThermaDoor™ is a construction grade EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) panel, Laminated with an impact resilient, easy to clean vinyl finish. ThermaDoor™ has been specifically designed to fit inside the panel of your existing sectional garage door and will transform the look of your garage.

ThermaDoor™ insulation panels have a thermal value of R1.47 and combined with the acoustic properties can contribute to your homes energy efficiency.

Whether you use your garage as a home office, rumpus room, extra bedroom or workshop or you just want to improve the insulation of your home thenThermaDoor™ Garage Door Insulation is a cost effective and practical solution to beating the heat and your energy bills!