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The BERS (Building Energy Rating Scheme) computer program is a powerful tool that is used to simulate and analyse the thermal performance of Australian houses in climates ranging from Alpine to tropical. BERS is a Home Energy Rating Scheme that can be used to assign a star rating to a house within a particular climate type. Energy ratings of new houses, townhouses and major renovations must now achieve 6 out of 10 Star energy rating in Queensland and we are fully qualified to issue this cerification.

The user interface of the program is graphics based. Information about the building, the climate type and the conditions of use is selected from pictures displayed on the screen. Floor plans can be imported and traced with a mouse. This eliminates the need for time consuming data entry of dimensions, orientations, adjacent zones etc. making data entry fast and accurate. Calculated data is displayed in graphic form as well as being written to files.

InsulHome is able to assist builder’s certification requirements and offer cost effective suggestions to help assist your required ratings. It is anticipated that the increase of building costs will be as little as 1.25% on average. There are many options at your disposal to reach the 6 star minimum and at InsulHome we are happy to work with you to make your home go above and beyond the 6 star minimum.

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Please contact us if we can be of assistance to you with your BERS requirements.

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