Why Should I insulate my Home?

A well insulated home will not only save you money on your energy bills, it will assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and make your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

What is an R Value?

An R-value is the level of thermal resistance as tested in a laboratory. This thermal resistance depends on the number of air pockets in the insulation. Because air is a poor conductor of heat, the more air pockets the better. The higher the R-value the more efficient the insulation.

My home is air-conditioned. Will Insulation help?"

Using an air conditioner to keep your house cool in the hot Queensland summer can cost you more if you don’t have insulation in your ceiling. Insulation is a permanent way to make your home more energy efficient, by regulating the temperature within the house against the varying outside temperatures.

Is Glasswool Insulation Safe, or is it the next Asbestos?"

Glasswool (previously known as fibreglass) insulation has been in use around the world since the mid -1930’s. Glasswool insulation has been comprehensively researched over more than 30 years and the World Health Organisation has concluded that glasswool does not pose any serious health hazard

Is Glasswool banned in the US?

This rumour has been around for over 20 years. The answer is no it is NOT banned in the US, and has never been banned.

What Insulation can be installed into my existing home?

Ceiling batts in the ceiling and whirlybirds can be easily installed into existing homes. If you are planning a renovation and replacing walls that would be the ideal time to install wall wrap and wall batts for total comfort and energy efficiency